Dave Kern (right) in First Blood.

"Why didn't you leave the kid alone in the first place?"
―Dave Kern on Teasle's deputies.

Dave Kern was the captain of the Washington State Police.

He was played by Deliverance's Bill McKinney.

First BloodEdit

Kern arrives to handle the situation, but he expresses great disgust with Will Teasle's deputies and with Teasle himself. He asks Teasle, if he can take over so Teasle can go home and get some rest, but Teasle is too blind with rage to give up. Kern seems to be supportive of John Rambo and agrees with Colonel Trautman´s procedure. Kern is seen on several occasions, but he has a very minor role, albeit some dialogue.

He gives Trautman the authority to solve the matter peacefully with Rambo, which enables his arrest. He is last seen escorting Rambo to prison with a gun.

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