"We had to put him in the back. If we didn't, he'd take up the whole picture, he's so big! "
―John Rambo on Delmar Barry.
Delmar Barry

Delmar Barry (sometimes called Delmore Barry) was a U.S. Army Green Beret soldier assigned to the renowned Baker Team.

Only two members of the team lived to return to the States, one being Barry and the other his good friend John Rambo. However, Delmar had been exposed to the carcinogenic defolialent herbicide Agent Orange while in Vietnam, only to die from cancer several years later. Rambo said that Barry was so tall that he would have to stand in the back when the team took group photographs.

Much like Maureen Prescott in the famous Scream trilogy, Delmar Barry's death inadvertently set the events of the entire series in motion.

Biography - Official sourceEdit

"Got himself killed in 'Nam and didn't even know it."
―Rambo revealing Barry's fate to Trautman

In the Rambo II novelization novel, Barry was an African-American whose great grandfather was an escaped slave who fought for the Union Army during the Civil War. This was a great inspiration for Delmar to enlist in the U.S Army during the Vietnam War, so he could follow in his grandfather's footsteps. Barry was the team engineer/ explosives expert on Baker Team, which consisted of John Rambo, Joseph Danforth, Ortega, Messner, Krackhauer, Colletta and Jorgenson. Rambo and Berry became close friends during their Special Forces training after Rambo came to his aid while Barry was being harassed by a group of racist Special Forces candidates.

First BloodEdit


Delmar in the video game

Barry was the only one in the Baker team to make it out of Vietnam alive except for Rambo, and the two friends promised to keep in touch. Barry gave Rambo his address and they went their separate ways. After Rambo couldn't get on his feet in America, mostly due to his untreated post-trautmatic stress disorder, Rambo decided to track down Delmar to maybe bring some more hope into his life. Rambo hitchhiked to Washington state where he went to Barry's lakefront homestead and instead found Barry's widow (possibly mother), who informed him that Barry succumbed to Multiple Myeloma cancer from prolonged agent orange exposure a over a year prior, stating that by the end, the once enormous Delmar was so thin that even she could lift him off the bed. A heartbroken Rambo apologizes for her loss and hands his widow the only photo he had of his friends from the war and leaves, unsure of where to go next, setting the events of First Blood in motion.

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