Aye's shockingly brutal death.

Lieutenant Aye
was an antagonist in the 2008 film, Rambo IV.

Little is known about him, other than the fact that he was portrayed by Aung Aay Noi.


Lieutenant Aye was never adressed by name over the course of the whole film, so it can be assumed that he was one of Major Tint's soldiers who was seen the most, as a Lieutenant is a high rank. There was a soldier, who stood next to Tint in a couple of scenes and also had his own guard for his hut, and judging by his uniform rank and frequent appearances, it can safely be assumed that this man is Lieutenant Aye. Lieutenant Aye's memorable scene comes, when he gets drunk and comes out into the rain, noticing Sarah inside the cage near his hut. He tips the light on his hut upward and illuminates her face. Aye then grabs Sarah and drags her into her hut, taking a swig

Aye's throat is ripped open.

of whisky as he undoes his belt, preparing to manhandle and rape the humanitarian. However, Aye was killed by John Rambo, when he ripped his throat open with his bare hands right, as he was about to rape Sarah. The next day, Major Tint discovers the pale, lifeless corpse of Aye and expresses great anger, making it quite likely that Aye was one of Tint's friends.

Aside from Tint's disembowelment, Aye's death is arguably the most brutal and painful in the entire movie, and appropriate for such a vile character.

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