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Deputy Lester comforts the now widowed Mrs. Galt.

Mrs. Galt was Art Galt's wife turned widow.

First BloodEdit

Mrs. Galt is only seen in a deleted scene from the film, where she is sobbing over her husband's corpse after it is airlifted in by helicopter. Sheriff Will Teasle looks on in sadness while Deputy Lester attempts to console her. By the way that she is sobbing over Galt's corpse and how Lester comforts her, it can be assumed that this woman is Galt's wife. However, she could also be his sister or daughter. The most likely theory that is widely accepted by fans is that this woman was intended to be Galt's widow. Apart from this deleted scene, she is not seen or mentioned. There is no evidence left in the finished film to suggest that Galt was even married. 

It is unknown who played Mrs. Galt. An actress named Amy Alexander is listed in the credits as playing "Woman on Street", so she was likely who played Mrs. Galt.

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