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Rambo Wiki is a collaborative website dedicated to documenting the heroics of legendary action icon John Rambo. This wiki includes detailed information about the four Rambo films, John Rambo himself, his enemies, allies, merchandise, video games, weapons, and all of the locations the films take place at. Our other main goal with this Wiki is to let the world know that Rambo is not some unstoppable action stereotype. He is a broken man who feels pain, both emotionally and physically. Also, the wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create the site. Because this is a growing Wiki, any help detailing and expanding articles will not go unappreciated. Check out the FAQ to help you get started!

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The First Blood Part II survival knife.

Rambo Survival Knives

Read more on John Rambo's various survival knives, which are arguably his most important and famous tool. The survival knives are different in each film, ranging from professional-grade military knives designed by Arkansas knifesmith Jimmy Lile, to Rambo's own handmade knives, designed by Kentucky knifesmith Gil Hibben, these are all not just useful, but iconic.

For all of the pages on the knives used throughout the history of the films, please visit the Rambo Knife page.


Video Gallery

First Blood (1982) - HD Trailer02:25

First Blood (1982) - HD Trailer

Rambo - Official® Trailer HD02:27

Rambo - Official® Trailer HD

Rambo 2 (First Blood Part II) - Official Trailer02:59

Rambo 2 (First Blood Part II) - Official Trailer

Rambo III - Official® Trailer HD02:05

Rambo III - Official® Trailer HD

Sylvester Stallone First Blood Rambo 1982 Teaser HD00:48

Sylvester Stallone First Blood Rambo 1982 Teaser HD

RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME - Cinematic Teaser00:50

RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME - Cinematic Teaser

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Featured Articles

  • Colonel Sam Trautman: Read more about a featured article, the one man who ever believed in John Rambo.
  • Rambo III Knife: Read more about a featured article, the Rambo III Knife, one of the most popular replica knives ever produced.
  • Compound bow: Read more about a featured article, the Compound Bow, John Rambo's silent-but-deadly weapon of choice.
  • Jerry Goldsmith: A famous hollywood composer that went above and beyond when he did the legendary scores for the first three Rambo films.
  • Delmar Barry: A new article about the man whose death led to John Rambo's breaking point, and the beginning of First Blood.
Help Build the Wiki
  • Hello, new editors! Welcome to Rambo Wiki! We would sure love your help expanding this wiki, so if you've ever seen the Rambo films and like them, be sure to make some edits! Anyone can edit, and if you have any questions, be sure to ask me on my talk page. Or if you have something you're not quite sure how to do that you want added to the wiki, just post right under this bullet what you want done, and it might happen!
  • Currently I'm working on expanding the general pages on the wiki. I love adding cool photos and moving photos around on a page so it looks good. I am right now working mainly on the On-Screen kills by John Rambo page, and I am planning on expanding to pages that deal with trivia, quotes, and in-depth plot outlines of the movies. Also working to expand the 'John Rambo on' pages.
  • Looking for some help with the scripts pages. I'm most proud of the Rambo: First Blood Part II script I located but the other two are merely transcripts from the dialogue. If anyone can find real movie scripts for 1, 3 or 4, I would really appreciate it.
  • Articles that are in need of the most help: Scripts pages, On-Screen kills by John Rambo, John Rambo on Rambo I-IV.
  • FUN ARTICLE: Check out this Rambo related link for a few quick laughs! Votesmall (talk) 01:39, September 11, 2013 (UTC)
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