"Sasquatch Burger" was a fast-food restaurant in Hope, Washintgton that was started and briefly owned by Art Galt in the late 1960s prior to the events of First Blood.


According to the First Blood Survival Mode, Sasquatch Burger was started by Art Galt in 1966 after he had managed Ray's Car Lot for seven years. It was his first attempt to create his own business in Hope. The restaurant was possibly a drive-in, and was likely named to capitalize on nearby Bigfoot sightings in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, or possibly named after a large titular burger served at the restaurant. Sasquatch Burger was not owned by Galt for more than a year. It is unclear whether or not the business failed and closed permanently or if it was sold to another owner. It is most likely that the business had financial troubles and could not afford to stay open, as the business is not seen in First Blood. . 

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