Deputy m16a1

Shingleton aims his M16A1 at John Rambo during the forest ambush.

"I don't know what this is all about, but I'm reasonable. I'll give you a choice. Do you walk or do I carry you?"
―Shingleton in the novel.

Shingleton was one of Art Galt's deputies for the Hope, Washington police department. He was played by David Crowley.

First BloodEdit

Shingleton came along for the forest ambush, where a few of the deputies went to find John Rambo after he escaped from police custody. Shingleton followed behind Will Teasle. After Teasle ran off to give attention to Balford, he was grabbed by Rambo and pulled offscreen. He was later seen tied to a tree, wounded. Shingleton was the fourth deputy to be dispatched by Rambo.

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