Afghan Soviet Base


Twenty kilometers from the Pakistan border somewhere in eastern Afghanistan.
Military base/Prisoner of War camp
Inactive, partially destroyed by John Rambo and later abandoned following the Mujahideen's defeat of Soviet forces
Last seen
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The Soviet Military Base was an isolated mountain base located 20 kilometers from the Pakistan border in Afghanistan. It was all but destroyed by John Rambo

Rambo IIIEdit

It was overseen by the brutal Colonel Zaysen who also operated a prison camp on the premesis where he tortured the inmates regularly, often watching as they were electrocuted, burned, beaten and executed. Zaysen was an exceptionally cruel Soviet military commander who managed to stop all humanitarian aid to the Mujahideen rebels. Zaysen seemed to be winning the war because of his efficient and ruthless tactics including massacaring innocent women and children with gunships and chemicals. However, he made one mistake when he imprisoned a one Colonel Sam Trautman, who disguised himself as a nomad to transport a shipment of Stinger missiles to the resistance. John Rambo, Trautman's pupil, friend and an extremely deadly and skilled Green Beret instantly launched into action. He traveled to Pakistan from Thailand where he partnered with Mousa Ghanin and a young boy named Hamid to form a rescue mission. Rambo sneaks into the camp by navigating through the mine fields, gaining access to the prison by hitching a ride on a Soviet tank. Rambo plants C4 around the camp and sets timers before attempting to break Trautman out. The Soviets catch on to Rambo's presence but around this time the bombs start going off, killing dozens of Zaysen's men and disorienting the soldiers. Rambo escapes and steals fully automatic AK-47s, shooting dozens more as he escapes without Trautman. Trautman is later tortured some more by Zaysen, who is angered that Rambo tried to break Trautman out. He then attempts to find Rambo but fails. Although his first attempt is unsuccessful, but he does succeed on the second attempt, destroying almost the entire base in the process and killing almost a hundred Soviet soldiers with his bow. Rambo would later kill Zaysen himself by ramming a tank through his helicopter. The camp is left in ruins and Rambo steals a helicopter, escaping with the other prisoners, who go their separate ways after Rambo saves them. In reality, the Soviets leave Afghanistan literally weeks after this happens, meaning that Zaysen was essentially all that was holding the war together at that point.

Appeared InEdit

  • Rambo III



Guard tower


The sewers.

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