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    Many Rambos and RAH

    September 5, 2011 by Queen Armada

    This is Johnny. Johnny has support and was cut off by an enemy of his that is not Cobra in First Blood.Here are more of fellow soldiers and command and members,These are Rambo's company he tried to report to.Rambo has skills and abilities.He knows all of them.Rambo as a Joe and he would be a great fighter. Johnny would be a great Terminator too. He is a soldier and that is what a Terminator is.  Not a commando. He would have to act out Terminator and be a machine.He would have to fight other terminators.That is if Skynet captured Johnny and made him into a series.GI Joe did not break into Skynet or MIR to rescue Rambo before they made him into an infiltrator.Not Cobra.As a Terminator he'll drop abilities and behave like a terminator with J…

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