Hey there! Welcome to the Rambo Wiki! Thanks for visiting. Hopefully you are a Rambo fan and find some interesting trivia tidbits you never knew before here. That's what I'm working hard on here. I've made over a thousand edits on this wiki and created about a hundred and forty pages. Like I said, hopefully you find what you're looking for on this wiki and help me to expand it.

Feel free to create an account and add some pages and expand articles with what you know. Any help would be appreciated. I would rather that you don't add pages about your personal fan fiction stories. You can do that here, on the User Blog Forum! My goal is to make this wiki a friendly and sociable place where fans of the Rambo movies can chat and hang out, as well as a database for all things Rambo! Contact me if you have any questions on what you can do to expand this wiki. Any help in detailing articles will not go unappreciated. I would also ask that you spread the word about this wiki.


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