"Careful. I don't want you to cut your own throat. "
―Ward to John Rambo.

Ward was one of Art Galt's deputies in the Hope, Washington sheriff's department. He was played by Chris Mulkey.

First BloodEdit

Ward was in charge of shaving John Rambo dry with a straight razor shortly after he was booked despite of the fact, that this was not necessary. He went along with it. Realizing that Ward and the others wanted to inflict his wounds, during the shaving and fearing or his well being, maybe even his life, Rambo fought Ward and the other deputies off and escaped into the woods with his knife. When Ward went to hunt him down with the other deputies, Rambo jumped on him from a tree and dislocated his right shoulder with a tug and a punch, badly injuring but not killing him. Balford shot at Rambo, but he jumped out of the way and Ward was shot in the same shoulder. Ward was the second deputy to be dispatched in the forest ambush.

His fate later is unknown.